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Jessica attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards yesterday held at Warner Bros. Studios. The broadcast will air today, at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Jessica is among the presenters alongside her ‘Huntsman’ co-stars Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. The first batch with HQ images have been added in our gallery.

Jessica did a great interview to The Guardian, that was published today. Read it below:

Jessica Chastain is such an extraordinary actor that you almost miss her. She brings so little ego to the roles she plays, so little of herself, that you go away with no idea who that actress actually was. Some Hollywood stars seem adept at pulling a film’s centre of gravity towards them; Chastain seems to exist in a quiet gravity of her own.

In The Help, which gave her an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress (and won her a Bafta and Golden Globe award), she played Celia Foote, a brassy, busty blonde. Given that the script traded on stereotypes, you can imagine another actress making more of a meal of it. But Chastain’s Celia, even when drunk and out of control, had a quietness that was devastating.

Her second Oscar nomination was for Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, in which she played Maya, the CIA operative who tracks down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. When watching President Obama on the news, saying that America does not torture, her expression remains inscrutable, even though we know she has been party to such torture. “That vacant face partly explains, I suspect, why Zero Dark Thirty has stirred up so much controversy,” wrote Manohla Dargis, admiringly, in the New York Times.

All of which leaves me wondering whom I am actually going to meet, when I arrive at Universal Studios in Los Angeles to interview her. We are introduced in a trailer (not hers: it’s fairly impersonal). She is charming, immaculately groomed in a smart short dress, sitting with a poise that feels almost old Hollywood. Except that she then admits she’s freezing in her smart short dress and can someone fetch her coat to put across her knees. She is friendly but not gushing; she doesn’t pretend we are going to be best friends. You realise she has become a movie star because she has spent her whole life preparing to be a movie star.

Within minutes, though, the stuff Chastain is talking about is so new Hollywood as to be almost radical. When we meet, a lawsuit filed by the pop star Kesha, who wants to get out of her Sony contract because, she alleges, her producer Dr Luke has repeatedly raped and abused her, is all over the news; Adele has just announced her support, while Taylor Swift has offered to pay some of her legal fees. Dr Luke has denied all of Kesha’s allegations. Meanwhile, the fight for equal pay in Hollywood is hotting up, too, and Chastain is massively encouraged by all of this.

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The 2016 MTV Movie Awards have announced their roster of presenters for this year’s show and Jessica is among them alongside her ‘Huntsman’ co-stars Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth. Other presenters include Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Olivia Munn and Gigi Hadid. According to the seating arrangement Jessica will sit close to Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie and Jesse Eisenberg. The 2016 MTV Movie Awards will air on April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Be sure to come back later on for our coverage!

Sadly I wasn’t yet able to find any picture for yesterday’s photocall for “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” in China but Jessica posted on her Instagram a very pretty one alongside her co-star Chris Hemsworth:

The Huntsman: Winter’s War promotion tour is on fire, and earlier today Jessica and Chris Hemsworth attended the premiere in Beijing, China. She wore an elaborate, multi pleated black gown with Bardot neckline and cinched waist from Giles Deacon’s S/S 2016 collection. What a statement piece!

Check over 40 HQ images added in our gallery, thanks to my friend Haylie

Added additional 29 pictures from the Singapore premiere, that took place yesterday at Universal Studios Singapore.

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