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Finally I got my copy of W Magazine featuring Jessica on cover, and you can now find scans added in our gallery. Jessica was photographed by Steven Klein and on the editorial, Stefano Tonchi (W’s Editor in Chief) remembered his first cover as editor, five years ago, in which they selected eight unknown actresses to be photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. This magazine was published in September/10 and he mention that Jessica was a fearless redhead. “That was her first cover shoot, and when we asked her to don a short orange wig, channel and androgynous David Bowie, and French-kiss one of her colleagues, she not only accepted the challenge without any resistence, she gave a stellar performance.”

He so remembered the Art Issue, in which Jessica dedicated an entire week to collaborate with the artists that painted her.

“When I asked Chastain to be on the cover of this (current) issue, joining forces with the image-maker Steven Klein and W’s visionary Fashion and Style director, Edward Enninful, she was the first to urge us to defy convention, declaring that she is an actress, not a model. And yes, Chastain is drop-dead gorgeous, but she is definitely more than just a pretty face. As Chastain tells the editor, ‘I think of versatility as a good thing, but it does make it difficult for audiences to know you.’ Throughout the entire proccess, Chastain never expressed worry or doubt. She is the least vain person I have ever met, and her commitment to any project – small, like our shoot, or large, like a major-studio film production – is unswering and absolute.”

You can read the full editor’s letter, as well check all editorial in our gallery.

Entertainment One’s Seville International, Les Films Séville, Lyla Films and Sons of Manual have announced this week that “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan” starring Jessica Chastain and Kit Harington will roll in 2016, for a spring shoot – Variety is reporting. Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates have also joined the project as well.

The film will focus on a young actor who recalls his penpal relationship with his American TV idol who died 10 years earlier, exploring the hardships of fame and hurdles of the movie business, and reflects on the issue of identity and diversity in Hollywood over the past decade.

“I’ve been meaning to tell that story for a long time – before I wrote ‘I Killed My Mother.’ It always is precarious to venture into movies on movies. Everyone scowls when they hear about the next movie on the business. But this isn’t a movie on the business. It is a movie about a man trying to make it, trying to live his dream and his life all at once, and being told that he basically can’t. It also is about a kid dreaming of having this man’s life for all the wrong reasons, not realizing how painful it actually is. I was that kid, writing love letters to actors – as a matter of fact it seems like I still am. And that story is a tribute to both the kid I was and the idols of my childhood – some died, some just disappeared without a trace, because they didn’t fit.

There were moments of doubt where I thought I couldn’t make that film, or tell that story, but it is so deeply anchored within me and such an important part of the past years of my life spent witnessing all the peculiarities, contradictions, inequities and phobias of this business that I realized I just had to make this movie, no matter what. And dye Jessica’s hair carmine red, asap.”

Back in 2003, on her last year on Juilliard, Jessica signed a contract with producer John Wells to appear in some of his tv shows. One of this shows was the medical hit ER, that was on its 10th season and was one of the most popular shows from NBC. On her first screen credit, she did a small appearance as Dahlia Taslitz which is taking care of her father after he experienced severe brain-damage from a work accident years ago. Due to an infection, Dahlia brings her father into the hospital for medical attention. Although Dahlia says her father cannot speak, doctors begin to wonder whether he is as unaware as his daughter alleges.

We did have in our gallery screencaptures of the episode already, but in small quality. With the help of my friend Claudia we have now HD screencaptures, and I was also able to do a clip with all Jessica’s scenes, which you can now find in our video archive.

A look at the film “Crimson Peak” with actors Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston.
Air Date 10/19/2015

Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston star in the new horror film “Crimson Peak,” a gothic ghost story that reveals a family’s real-life dark secrets. The actors stop by HuffPost Live to tell us about the movie and more.
Originally aired on October 16, 2015

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