2011 Events: Gallery Update

I went through all the 2011 events galleries, and updated everything with HQ pictures. I added near 680 HQ pictures, including some for events we were missing. Appearances & Events > 2011 > Latest Uploads

Cannes 2011 portrait!

I have found this beautiful portrait Jessica took while she was in Cannes promoting Tree of Life. One of the pictures is HQ-sized, the other ones are mq. But it worth, they are stunning! Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 012

Instyle photoshoot

I just added 43 outtakes of a photoshoot Jessica did to April issue of InStyle magazine. Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 011

Gallery update: 2010 events

I added a lot of missing events from 2010, and also additional HQ pictures of already added events. Check it: Appearances & Events > 2010 > Latest Uploads

Gallery update: 2008/2009 events

I’m currently working on sorting to upload some pictures of old events Jessica has added. Some will be pretty new, and some will be HQ sized of already added pictures. To start, two brand new events we didn’t had in the gallery, from 2008 and 2009: Appearances & Events > 2008 > Paris Fashion Week ’08/09 Haute Couture – Dior

Jessica Chastain talks ‘Tree of Life’

Movieweb.com has this exclusive interview with Jessica, about “Tree of Life”. Check it: Edit: Screencaptures now added to the gallery Screencaptures > Online Interviews > Movie Promotional > Tree of Life: Movie Web – May 2011

Small movie gallery update

I added to our gallery some promotional stills, posters, behind the scenes and trailer screencapturs of Jessica’s films, including some Michelle was about to add. There’s more to be added, but it’s a start. Films > Jolene (2008) Films > Stolen Lives (2009) Films > Tree of Life (2010) Films > The Debt (2011) Films > Take Shelter (2011) Films

Photoshoot add-ons

I added a few more HQ sized pictures to the last photoshoot I added here. Check it: Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 010 > Latest Uploads

New layout!

As you can see, we have a new layout up. Michelle asked me to do something and this pictures Jessica did for Flaunt are too beautiful to be wasted, they deserved a layout. The gallery was also covered with a matching layout. Please report us any error you may find. We’re planning more updates such a icon and video archives,

Second “Take Shelter” Trailer

A second “Take Shelter” trailer has been released and I’ve posted it below. Films > Take Shelter (2011) > Trailer Screencaptures