Nominate Jessica for Broadway.com Audience Award!
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You can nominate Jessica for the Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards for her role in “The Heiress” by voting online. She is currently on the...
The Walter Kerr Theater Arrivals Additions
Posted by in Gallery, The Heiress
We added a batch of photos of of Jessica arriving at the The Walter Kerr Theater in New York for “The Heiress”. Jessica did...
“The Heiress” Recoups Investment
Posted by in News, The Heiress
THR is reporting that “The Heiress” will recoup it’s investments. NEW YORK — Producers of The Heiress have announced that the Broadway revival will...
The Walter Kerr Theater Arrivals
So, this is a special update asked by a few loyal visitors, and after some consideration, I decided to do it. Let me explain:...
Missing “The Heiress” Performances for Award Season
Posted by in News, The Heiress
Jessica announced on her official facebook page that she will miss 3 performances of “The Heiress” on Broadway in January due to appearances for...
“The Heiress” Broadway box office report
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Entertainment Weekly is reporting that “The Heiress” earned $583,852 for it’s opening week. Judging by the crowds snapping photos of themselves with giant cast...
Good Morning America Interview – Video
Posted by in The Heiress, Videos
We added the video of Jessica and Dan Stevens’s Good Morning America appearance in our media archive. So now you can (re)watch their interview...
Jessica Chastain talks about opening night of her new play ‘The Heiress’
Posted by in The Heiress, Videos
Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain has a big role in the upcoming hunt-for-bin-Laden movie Zero Dark Thirty, but right now her focus is on a...
Excerpt: “The Heiress” On Broadway
Posted by in The Heiress
Check out a scene of Jessica and Dan on stage for “The Heiress” at the opening night:
Review: Jessica Chastain doesn’t shine in the title role in ‘The Heiress’ and that’s OK
Posted by in The Heiress
NEW YORK — The latest revival of “The Heiress” has done the near impossible — it’s drained the light from one of the most...
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