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Inside Jessica Chastain’s New York City Apartment

Jessica showcases her gorgeous New York City apartment in the new issue of Architectural Digest. Inside the issue, she reveals how much she truly cherishes every item inside her picture-perfect home.

Equipped with over 3,000 square feet of space, several bedrooms, bathrooms and a whopping six fireplaces, the midtown Manhattan abode is a visual milestone marking the success Chastain found years after living in the same city as a student at Juilliard. In fact, Chastain revealed to the magazine that she often visited her future Central Park neighborhood for a restaurant nestled right across the street.

My grandmother would send me $20 once a week for the baked ziti. So every Saturday night, as a big splurge, we’d go there. I didn’t know until we saw the apartment, and I said, ‘Oh, my God, it’s right here.’

Before Jessica and Gian Luca had the keys, the apartment was owned by the likes of cabaret singer Bobby Short, TV star Larry Storch, composer Adam Guettel and West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein.

I just acquired my copy of the magazine issue, and you can check pictures of her pretty apartment, plus read the whole interview, checking up in our gallery.


Jessica is on cover of Modern Weekly’s style segment, in a beautiful new photoshoot. You can find digital scans in our gallery.


I updated the gallery with some digital scans featuring Jessica.


Jessica is gracing the cover of Angeleno, on its May issue, and we have digital scans added in our gallery. The gorgeous photoshoot is by Brian Bowen Smith and she posted (at the Oscar day) a behind the scenes on her Instagram.

Edit: She’s also on cover of Miami magazine, which you can find the digital scans in our gallery as well.


The Porter magazine issue featuring Jessica on cover is out already, and you can get your own issue on You can find now digital scans added in our gallery, plus the complete photoshoot as well.


The current issue of italian Best Movie is featuring Jessica, as part of The Huntsman promotion. Check scans in our gallery:


The Summer issue of Porter Magazine with Jessica Chastain shot by Ryan McGinley on the cover will hit newsstands on April 01st.


Jessica is one of the cover stars of Flaunt Magazine’s The Secret Issue (April 2016). The magazine will hit newsstands soon. We have added the magazine cover and first photoshoot outtakes in our gallery and be sure to check back later for the magazine scans.


Empire magazine has on its April issue two pages featuring The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

If Empire had a pound for every time we were told a sequel was “going darker”, we’d have enough cash to produce our own blockbuster. And its darker sequel.
Intriguingly, though, The Huntsman: Winter’s War is going in the opposite direction. “The first film was heavy,” says Chris Hemsworth, who once again plays Eric, the eponymous huntsman. “This time, we’re letting the comedy steer things as opposed to getting buried in the weighty stuff.”

That’s not all. Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron as evil queen Ravenna, may remain, but Kristen Stewart – who played Snow White – has moved on, to be replaced by heavy-duty reinforcements: Jessica Chastain as Huntsman’s true love, warrior woman Sara, and Emily Blunt as Ravenna’s sinister sister, Freya. Add Chastain and Blunt to any film and you have our curiosity. Give them swords, bows and arrows, and make them fight, and you have our attention. “I’ve been training a lot, so that Sara is absolutely Eric’s equal,” says Chastain. “I love the action stuff.”

That’s evident on the day we visited the Pinewood sets, where we witness an almighty duty-up between Chastain and Blunt on a soundstage converted into the sumptuous courtyard of an ice palace. For Freya, it turns out, can control snow and frost. It’s all very Frozen, although she doesn’t want to build a snowman. “I’m mostly skulking around my castel, being evil,” laughs Blunt. “I’m surprising how easily being bad comes to me. Even a bit worrying…”

The Huntsman: Winter’s War is out on April 8 on UK and April 22 in U.S.

“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” Featured on Total Film

Total Film magazine dedicated its April issue to Fantasy films, and its featuring The Huntsman: Winter’s War on its cover. It brings 10 pages with a very good look on set of the film, with several new pictures of Jessica as Sara. Check digital scans in our gallery.