Five Things You Never Knew About Jessica Chastain

As Hollywood stars go, Jessica Chastain has up til now been something of a quiet presence. Over the past months she’s been working with Hollywood greats including Terrence Malick, Al Pacino and Ralph Fiennes, but we’re only just starting to see the rather wonderful fruits of her work. Chastain’s latest project, the Pacino-directed Wilde Salome premiered yesterday at the Venice

Former unknown model now a rising star

A few months ago, she was unknown. Now she’s ubiquitous. Jessica Chastain isn’t yet a household name, but the 30-year-old California native and Julliard graduate has turned 2011 into a remarkable cinematic coming-out party. It started with Terrence Malick’s adventurous “The Tree of Life,” in which she played Brad Pitt’s wife and the ultimate nurturing mother figure. She’s currently on

Jessica Chastain on Breakthroughs, Big Years and the Awards-Season Crash Course

By virtually any Hollywood standard, even if another film featuring Jessica Chastain weren’t released in 2011 after this week, she’d have already had a pretty phenomenally successful rookie year in the business. It’s kind of staggering, really: Months after her vivid if vexingly underseen screen debut in Jolene, there was no missing Chastain on the Croisette as she and The

Jessica at Chelsea Lately yesterday

Sorry for missing that! Jessica was at Chelsea Lately last night to a short, but very funny interview! You can watch the interview below: Screencaptures > Talk Shows > Chelsea Lately – August 25, 2011 Edit: As you can see, screen captures are added, thanks to my friend Becca which helps me to find a good copy to do it.

Chameleon Jessica Chastain Talks Tree of Life, The Help, The Debt, Coriolanus

When Jessica Chastain left her theater training at Juilliard and started landing movie roles, she got a gift. None of the movies came out right away. It took a while before anyone saw her work in Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome (which finally debuts in Venice), or Terrence Malick’s mystical The Tree of Life (which Fox Searchlight premiered in Cannes before

Jessica on “The Debt” and being misquoted

Jessica did a great interview to NY Magazine Vulture about The Debt, and she also took the opportunity to talk about the most recent news about Sean Penn lot liking “Tree of Life”. I feel like that comment might have been taken out of context, or mistranslated (…) I was misquoted as saying my weight gain [for The Help] was

More Interview Screencaptures

Hey everyone! I’ve screencapped some more interviews to add to our ever growing gallery and you can check them out below! Screencaptures > Online Interviews > Movie Promotional > The Help: Clevver Movies – August 2011

Late Night with Conan O’Brien – Caps and video

As previously announced, Jessica was last night at Conan O’Brien show, promoting her new movie “The Debt”. Check the interview below, and you’ll find HQ captures at the gallery: Screencaptures > Talk Shows > Late Night with Conan O’Brien – August 17, 2011

Jessica Joins Guillermo Del Toro’s “Mama”

Jessica Chastain, who stars in about 500 movies this year (The Tree of Life, The Help, upcoming flicks The Debt and Take Shelter) has signed on to the Guillermo del Toro produced feature Mama. The story centers on two girls who believe they are haunted by their mother’s ghost. “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done,” says Chastain. “It’s a genre

Interview screen captures

I have a bunch of Jessica interviews she did while promoting Tree of Life laying here on my computer waiting to be added in our video archive. While I don’t do that, I did some screen captures, and you can find it in our gallery: Screencaptures > Online Interviews > Movie Promotional > Tree of Life: Cannes Festival – May