Chameleon Jessica Chastain Talks Tree of Life, The Help, The Debt, Coriolanus

When Jessica Chastain left her theater training at Juilliard and started landing movie roles, she got a gift. None of the movies came out right away. It took a while before anyone saw her work in Al Pacino’s Wilde Salome (which finally debuts in Venice), or Terrence Malick’s mystical The Tree of Life (which Fox Searchlight premiered in Cannes before

Jessica on “The Debt” and being misquoted

Jessica did a great interview to NY Magazine Vulture about The Debt, and she also took the opportunity to talk about the most recent news about Sean Penn lot liking “Tree of Life”. I feel like that comment might have been taken out of context, or mistranslated (…) I was misquoted as saying my weight gain [for The Help] was

“The Debt” New York Screening

Jessica attended last night the New York screening for “The Debt”. You can find the first batch of pictures up at the gallery: Appearances & Events > 2011 > “The Debt” New York Screening – August 22th, 2011 Edit: More 44 mq pictures was added.

The Hollywood Reporter: Casting ‘The Help’

The Hollywood Reporter current issue has a behind the scene look at how DreamWorks and Tate Taylor found their ladies for “The Help”. Jessica Chastain as Celia Foote When the actress arrived to read for the part of the blonde bombshell, no one thought the slight redhead was right. Then Chastain, 30, did her scene, and she had the room

“Elle” Outtakes

Outtakes of that amazing photo shoot Jessica did to Elle can be found now in the gallery: Photoshoots & Portraits > Session 026

Behind the Scenes for Flaunt magazine

How flawless can be this woman? This video was done for the photoshoot used in our main layout. Photoshoots & Portraits > Behind the Scenes > 2011 – Flaunt

Jessica at Lionsgate’s Warrior Celebration

Jessica Chastain and attended a dinner hosted by The Editors of InStyle to celebrate Lionsgate’s “WARRIOR”, last August 20th. I added a few MQ pictures, hoping to get some high quality ones soon – hq pictures has been added. She looks wonderful, to say the least. Appearances & Events > 2011 > The Editors of InStyle celebrate Lionsgate’s “WARRIOR” –

Social newtworks!

Our website already have a twitter account, which you can be instantly noticed of all our updates here. Now I added a Facebook and also a Tumblr account, so everything posted here, shows there! Come follow and like: Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook None of this accounts are official of Jessica, it’s just an extension of our already growing up

“Tree of Life” Blu-Ray to be released in October

In an early alert to retailers FOX has made public plans to bring the 2011 Terrence Malick written & directed film “The Tree of Life” starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain to Blu-ray Disc on October 11th. Tech specs and bonus materials have not yet been officially detailed but stay tuned. The title is already available for PRE-ORDER

More magazine scans

Our dear Jessica is everywhere! What about time, don’t you think? I just added scans for current issue of Dazed and Confused, as part of the Collections Special. Also, August scans of Flare, sent by my friend Holly. Jessica also has a spread at current InStyle magazine, we’ll be providing scans soon. Magazines & Scans > Flare (August 2011) Magazines