Jessica Chastain drops about her Oscar dress

ET caught up with Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain at the Calvin Klein Collection fashion show in New York City on Thursday, getting the Academy Award nominee to dish on her red carpet style and what she might be wearing to the Oscars.

“I think my sense of style is all about embracing silhouettes from the past, especially feminine silhouettes, and making it modern. I love the actresses of the 1940s and ’50s and ’60s, and I think Calvin Klein does do that. [Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein] Francisco [Costa] designed my Golden Globes dress and I really felt it was like Rita Hayworth — the silhouette — but he made it very modern and striking and interesting”

As for what Chastain has in mind for the Oscar red carpet, she told us, “I’ll probably wear color. I won’t be the wallflower at the Oscars — that’s for sure.”


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.

  • PJN

    Even more impressed after watching this hour-long talk. Your discussing your working methods and techniques was inspiring, especially because though it’s logical and makes so much sense, it’s so brutally hard to enact and you do it so well, which is why, of course, you are so brilliant at your job. When you mentioned Olivier Assayas as one of the directors you’d like to work with – not to mention Haneke – I swooned. Late August, Early September is a film that I watch every year, along with Stephen Poliakoff’s Close My Eyes. Would love to see you play around in a Francois Ozon film. He does such fun things with Huppert – not to mention giving Charlotte Rampling the role of a lifetime in Under the Sand. I can see your career being as iconic as that of any of the great women you admire – maybe more. Actors like you come along so rarely – it’s a joy to experience. Thank you for being so generous in sharing all of this with us.