The Walter Kerr Theater Arrivals

So, this is a special update asked by a few loyal visitors, and after some consideration, I decided to do it. Let me explain: as you have noticed, we don’t post ‘stalkerazzi‘ pictures here. What does it mean? Well, pictures taken while Jessica isn’t working. I saw already some gorgeous pictures of her shopping, with friends, walking around with Chaplin, but decided do not post. They’re personal, simply like that.

This ones was a big interrogation for me, because she’s arriving/leaving the Walter Kerr theater, so technically she’s working, right? No? I’m not sure yet. But I post pictures of her arrivals at interviews, so basically it’s the same thing.

So, after some requests, here’s the pictures. Over 700 HQ pictures of her most recent arrivals has been added, and there’s more pictures to be sorted. Enjoy it.


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.

  • I think it isn’t a problem. She knows that she will have to deal with paparazzi and all those people wanting pictures of her but it’s totally different when she’s walking with her dog or having luch with her mom. Also, she always looks good but considering how shy she is, I think it’s a really awesome move you decided not to upload those pictures. 🙂

  • Luciana

    It’s basically an issue I have, Tany. I don’t like the way paparazzi approach the celebs at all, and I think they deserve some kind of privacy.

  • I can’t lie saying that I hate because I love reading ONTD but at the same time, sometimes it’s too much. I have no need to watch Justin Bieber getting out of an airport or Demi Lovato outside her house. This is too much.