Jessica Chastain wins the Golden Globes!

Congratulations to Jessica Chastain! She just won the Best Actress in Drama award for her role as Maya in Zero Dark Thirty!

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press Room

We are really happy for her. And you can come back later for pictures, videos and more coverage on it!


Waiting for the day I can 'professional fangirl' for a living.

  • linda

    dear miss Chastain, I understand you were nervous on stage accepting your golden globe but…….I am sure you did not purposely forget to thank our fantastic military whom your freedom to star in any film would be impossible! not only did their sacrifices give your team the story to make a movie out of but….. they all really lived it!!!

  • Luciana

    I’m sure she didn’t, since she already talked about them in interviews. 🙂