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Like we updated before Jessica is gracing the cover of Instyle UK’s January cover. We just finished making the transcript of the full interview so be sure to read it in our press archive. We also replaced the scans of the magazine with site exclusive scans (please refresh the page to see them).

Have you ever wondered what it really feels like to be an overnight sensation? Jessica Chastain is one of the rare few able to describe the reality of that flashbulb moment when celebrity hijacked her life for better or for worse. She can tell you the precise date – 16 May 2011; and where she was – the Cannes première for Terrence Malick’s Palme d’Or-winning opus The Tree of Life. She’ll laugh about it now and advise I visit YouTube; watch her stepping out of a limo, hesitant, all dressed up in a canary yellow Zac Posen couture gown, usure of her footing. Catching sight of co-stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, she grips their hands, more for support than anything else and, all the while, there’s this sell-shocked expression writ large on her face.
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2 Comments on “Instyle UK Full Interview

  1. ms_adler

    I had always heard she was born in 1977 but if she spent a year in L.A after high school as she said in Charlie Rose, and graduated in 2003 from Juliiard, then it is more likely she was born in 1981. What do you guys think?

    Love the interview!

  2. ms_adler

    Here is the solution! She attended a Sacramento school til 1997, moved to L.A in 1998 and started in Juilliard in 1999.

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